Our Philosophy

ATTORNEY NILA ROBINSON has a well-deserved reputation for providing aggressive, skilled defense to people accused of crimes. This sound reputation is the result of many years of committed work for people who find themselves accused of wrongdoing and faced with defending themselves against the power of the government.  I have recently returned to family law work, in part because I have so often had clients who required assistance in both areas of the law and I have rediscovered my interest and satisfaction in providing services which affect the family directly.  I have always known that criminal matters affect the entire family indirectly.

I have what it takes to represent you effectively. That includes strong, long-term relationships with defense investigators, experts, and mental health professionals. I don’t just work with the facts handed to me by someone else, and I don’t sit around waiting for the prosecutor to offer us what he or she thinks is a good plea bargain. I’ll learn as much as I can about you and your situation, and help you with referrals to experts, counselors, and community resources. I’ll help you repair as much of the damage caused by a public accusation of wrongdoing as possible.

I enjoy a reputation for being aggressive, but I’d like to think I didn’t earn that by the overuse of mindless fighting.  I think it is as important to apply the knowledge and experience necessary to point that energy in the right direction. My greatest successes never get publicity because they don’t lead to exciting courtroom drama or trials. They occur when I can show that a case should never have been charged in the first place. I know how much my clients value their privacy and that most of them would like to see as little of a courtroom as possible. The reality is that in an era where every prosecutor wants to look “tough on crime,” you must show that you are ready to prove your point before you will get the kind of resolution you want and deserve.

I care enough about my clients to learn who they are, so that I can give them appropriate guidance at a difficult time. I  think my job is to give clients choices.  I want to see them progress from feeling that they can only react to the attack against them to knowing that they have options and can decide how they want to resolve the problems facing them.